Consumables: TTB-Approved Natural Green Color for Get Slimed Premixed Vodka Cocktail

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Trend in Focus: Back to the Past
Yearning for security and familiarity, consumers search for products that enable them to emotionally escape to simpler times full of comfort, joy, and childhood nostalgia.


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of US drinkers enjoy alcohol to relax and unwind
(Mintel 2020)
of US Younger Millenials drink alcoholic seltzers, and 30% of them seek fruit flavors and ingredients in healthier alcohol choices
(Mintel 2021)
Flavor is the #1 attribute influencing purchasing decisions regarding flavored alcoholic beverages in the US and globally
(Innova Category Survey 2021)


Get Slimed Premixed Vodka Cocktail
Have you been slimed? Pour up festively, fun, slime green cocktails, shots, and more with the Get Slimed Vodka that tastes just like green citrus soda!


Customer Need:
A TTB-approved bright natural green color for a green slime-inspired ready-to-serve cocktail.


Sensient Solution:

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