Plant-Based Meat with Zack

In an increasingly competitive market, color is a key differentiator for new and renovated plant-based meat products. From shade matching to specific pre- and post-cook visuals, Zack Henderson is an expert in color use for plant-based and vegan meat analogues including beef, chicken, seafood, and more. Zack shares his technical expertise and color mastery to help enable brands to stand out on the shelf and meet consumer expectations for meat alternatives. With over 13 years of food ingredient experience, this plant-based butcher is all beets, no blood!

Plant-Based Dairy with Alexandra

Alexandra Sirosky understands the value of color in plant-based dairy alternative products and actualizes the benefits for brands through high-performing color solutions. With a Graduate degree from The Ohio State University in Food Science with a focus on natural chemistry and bioactivity, Alexandra has a wealth of knowledge to share with developers of plant-based and vegan dairy analogues. It’s a wisdom grown over more than a decade of experience including years focused on color chemistry and stability. Alexandra shares her knowledge to help brands innovate and overcome tough color challenges in applications from plant-based milks to cheeses to yogurts and more.