Color Breakthroughs with Dave

The food industry is constantly changing. With new advances and consumer demands happening regularly, it would take a true expert to keep up. Dave’s 25 years of experience as an engineer in the colorant industry have focused on process improvement aimed at providing the most cost effective solutions for customers. Dave’s experience with both Natural and Synthetic Colors allows him to develop product delivery solutions that can meet any customer’s needs.

Innovations in Action with Karen

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of food production. Whether it’s keeping up with industry trends or consumers’ ever growing expectations, staying on the forefront of this field can often be the difference between success and failure. With over eighteen years of food industry experience and a patent for heat-triggered colorants, Karen Brimmer is a leading expert for research and development in color innovations. Sharing her knowledge regularly, Karen ensures food manufacturers are able to meet any customer’s need with the most cost-effective solutions.