Adding Next-Level Excitement to New Launches

Consumer journeys are a focus for many marketers. They know consumers do not interact with a product just once but follow a path: from the very first in-store (or online) impression, considering a purchase, experiencing its consumption, and even sharing photos on social media after. Younger consumers especially engage with social media as many consider themselves “foodies,” true explorers in the world of food and taking it upon themselves to make that food visible to the outside world. For example, Mintel states in a 2020 trend report that:

45% of adults agree that a well-presented dessert in a bakery or restaurant is worth to post on social media.

There are many opportunities for a product or brand to stand out. Color is a key factor in each stage of the consumer journey. Sensient’s consumer research confirms that color has a significant impact on shelf-stand-out, purchase intent, taste expectation, as well as actual taste experience and overall product liking. Around the world, manufacturers leverage this knowledge particularly well in limited editions. For example, European food launches with a seasonal or limited-edition claim were 68% more likely to utilize a coloring solution than other launches, Mintel reports. Color often brings the actual product concept to life: Halloween turns orange, Christmas is red and green, birthday cake sprinkles are a bright rainbow. Multiple limited editions can be found across the most diverse food segments catching consumers’ eyes.

Innovation to Spark the Senses

Taking color and flavor to the next level and creating a “Sense of the Intense” aligns with the latest consumer trends. Consumers are looking for new sensory experiences color_inclusionsand are prone to pay attention to outstanding looks, unusual flavors, or unexpected sensory attributes. To inspire brands and support products that shine, Sensient developed a unique range of naturally colorful sugar-free inclusions. Color Crystals™ are designed to spark the senses while supporting clean label needs. The Color Crystals™ come in a variety of color shades and can be mixed and matched or used “mono-color” to best support individual product concepts.

Are you looking for a distinctive appeal with an additional flavor component? Take the sensory experience a step further with the addition of a customized flavor. It will perfectly complement the individual profile you are seeking for your product launch. Would you like to point out a textural element for an enriched sensory experience? In many applications, the Color Crystals™ will create a slightly crispy feel – simply enticing! Are you interested in a bigger “wow”-factor with visible sparkles? Or would you prefer a refined, sophisticated look with smaller-sized Color Crystals™? Both are possible and the effect is as unique as it is exciting:

Particle size

Colorful and Cost-Effective Solutions for Experiential Treats

Sensient’s global R&D team has also created Coloring Sugars™, which offer developers a cost-effective solution for that added multi-sensory experience. Engage consumers with five standard colors and a uniform particle size for consistency and impact. Like Color Crystals™, flavor or pearlescent shimmer can be added to enhance the taste experience. Coloring Sugars™ are a great fit for cake pops, confections, frozen novelties, and more!

coloring sugar

Sensient’s Color Crystals™ and Coloring Sugars make it easy for product innovation to trigger consumer interest via high visual appeal and – if desired – combine with textural sensation and new flavor combinations. Reach out and schedule a consultation with our technical experts to find out more about the suitability of Color Crystals™ for your next project. If you want to get started on the next eye-catching product quickly, feel free to request a sample today!

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