Cost & Performance Improvements with Spirulina

Spirulina: A Cost-Effective Natural Blue

As brands continue to search for cost-effective natural solutions across the rainbow, blue has historically posed a challenge. With a deficit of blues, green and purple also become more scarce.

With the introduction of Spirulina as a widespread color source in food and beverages, elusive sky blues became much more approachable, and with them a vibrant array of cool tones like mint green or lavender.


Recent advancements in color technology make spirulina more cost-effective and high-performing than ever.

The MicrofineTM technology enables spirulina to be used in both water- and oil-based applications as well as in plating-grade applications like seasonings.

Sensient launched Marine BlueTM, an enhanced spirulina extract with improved stability, to help confectioners working with applications like hard candies or gummy confections. Standard spirulina is extremely heat- and pH-sensitive, so the elevated stability of Marine Blue™ ensures improved performance in several key applications.


Dispersions can be another valuable asset in a developer’s toolbox. In many production processes, a liquid color product is preferred over a powder product for faster and more consistent incorporation into the base, or to reduce dust in the air. Sensient’s dispersions leverage advanced proprietary technologies to perform better than market alternatives.

Plant production processes are also improved thanks to Sensient’s higher performance spirulina solutions, which demonstrate lower foaming in commercial production than others on the market.

Lastly, as a leading global color supplier, Sensient’s continued cost optimization efforts and supply chain efficiencies can provide savings to our customers alongside improved performance over standard market solutions.

Spirulina creates beautiful sky blues for
applications across the market.

It is currently approved in a wide variety of applications in both the U.S. and Canada, including frostings and icings, ice cream and frozen desserts, confections, dessert coatings and toppings, yogurt, beverages and dry drink mixes, alcoholic beverages, and puddings and custards. The U.S. FDA has also approved Spirulina in a further range of applications like seasonings, condiments, non-extruded cereals, and dips.

Check Out Spirulina In Action

Sky Blues from Spirulina


Greens from Spirulina


Purples from Spirulina


Sensient’s global commitment to food safety through Certasure™ provides robust testing and inspection of every raw material lot that enters our doors. Our customers can trust the science of certainty when they select spirulina or any botanical color from Sensient.

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