Natural Color for Whipped Toppings

Colorful whipped toppings are catching eyes on shelves and menus.

From cold foams to canned whipped cream, whipped toppings are trending.

On menus, flavorful whipped toppings like cold foams add dimension and a visual layer to coffee drinks or refreshers. On shelves, canned whipped toppings are branching out into exciting new flavors and features like alcohol content.


When adding color to products like these, one of the key challenges developers will face is the aeration of the product

Achieving bold colors without high usage rates can be tricky due to that aeration, whether in a pressurized can or in a syrup intended to be used in-store for fresh whipped dairy toppings.


Colors with low coloring strengths can require usage rates at 7% or more. Stronger colors enable lower usage rates in finished goods, with lower overall color use to provide
the same bold shade.

Sensient has been striving to improve color concentration through optimized botanicals and advanced technologies for years. Highly concentrated color solutions are ideally suited to applications like whipped toppings because they allow for bold colors without high usage rates.

Order of addition can also impact the success of the color as well as the overall product.

If the color is added post-whip, it can negatively affect the aeration and flatten the whip. If employees are preparing a whipped cream or a cold foam fresh onsite, the color can be included in the flavored syrup, which should also be added to the dairy or plant-based liquid before it is aerated.

Color solutions that thrive in neutral pH environments,

such as other dairy or plant-based applications, will also typically succeed in whipped topping applications. Here are some of our favorites:

color solution
color solution

Our team loves to talk color, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate
to reach out for complimentary formulation support!

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