Oil-Applicable Natural Rainbow for Sprinkles & Morsels

Natural Baking Ingredients are in Demand

Consumer expectations for natural ingredients without sacrificing visual or flavor appeal are at an all-time high. In response to demands for shorter and more recognizable ingredient lists:

63% of North American sweet baked goods launches carry a natural claim, a +5% increase compared to five years ago.

Innova 2021

Naturalness is the #1 influencing factor in purchasing decisions around cakes and sweet goods for North Americans.

Innova 2021

Developers tasked with creating these natural baked goods and baking ingredients need to contend with the unique processing parameters of different natural color sources, such as solubility and heat stability. Sensient stands ready to assist formulators looking for answers as they tackle these new launches with solutions and answers.

Sample Natural Colors for the Baking Aisle Here

Inclusions and decorations are some of the most exciting and interactive components of the baking aisle and are also among the most colorful.

Unleash nature’s rainbow in sprinkles and morsels with ease for your next project with these insights:

Solving Common Challenges with Oil-Based Bakery Applications

The biggest hurdle that most developers will face with natural ingredients in most sprinkles and morsels is that these are fat-based applications. Many natural colors are water-soluble, so if they’re used in oil- or fat-based applications, speckling will occur and the color will not be fully incorporated. Selecting oil-soluble or oil-applicable colors is a key to success.

Water-soluble or water-applicable colors could seize up the product impacting texture or cause an unappealing color due to solubility incompatibility. Developers will need either oil-soluble colors (which tend to the warm range like yellows or oranges) or oil-applicable colors.

Oil-applicable colors are those colors which are naturally water-soluble but have been processed to enable their use in oil- and fat-based applications

Sensient’s MicrofineTM technology is specifically designed for a full rainbow of success with water-soluble colors in oil-based applications. These solutions are available as either powders or oil-based dispersions to fit your production needs.

Sample Sensient’s Microfine™ and Oil-Based Natural Colors for Baking Ingredients

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