Clean Label White for Fresh and Packaged Bakery

The Current Titanium Dioxide Situation in the Food Industry

In recent years, consumer concern around certain ingredients such as titanium dioxide has risen more than ever before. A European ban, North American state-level proposed legislation, and alarming headlines have created an environment that demands clean label whitening alternatives across the board.

Although titanium dioxide has not been formally banned by any North American states or countries at this time, many brands are proactively responding to consumer demands by launching new or revised products without titanium dioxide.


In the past 5 years, bakery items account for 21% of all food and beverage launches with titanium dioxide, more than any other category except sugar and gum confectionery.

Mintel, 2024

Developers need alternatives to titanium dioxide to create whitening and opacity with clean label ingredients.

Replacing TiO2 in Fresh and Packaged Baked Goods

In the bakery category, titanium dioxide most often appears in applications like Bavarian cream fillings, glazes and icings, and powdered sugars. It lends a bright white appearance to a product and creates or boosts opacity where necessary.


Bavarian Cream Filling


Glazes & Icings


Powdered Sugars

To replace titanium dioxide with clean label white alternatives, developers often need to address at least one of three common challenges to maximize performance:


pH Fluctuation

Shifting acidity in a recipe can have a notable impact on color success in any shade, and some components that could be used in clean label white colors may suffer when the pH fluctuates. A mineral-based solution that is not sensitive to pH, such as Avalanche™ MB, can mitigate this challenge.


Too Much Blue Effect

As in many laundry detergents, adding a touch of blue can brighten whites and combat yellow undertones. However, too much blue can be a problem just as much as too much yellow or red in a white solution. Technical color experts can work with you to determine the ideal formula and perfect amount of blue for your project.


Texture or Mouthfeel

Because titanium dioxide is much more highly concentrated and effective when compared to current market alternatives, the increased quantity of color needed to achieve the target appearance can have a negative impact on the texture or mouthfeel. Highly advanced solutions like Avalanche™ Ultra and Avalanche™ Helio can mitigate the potential for unsavory mouthfeel with reduced usage rates and specially designed formulas.

We are always working to extend the Avalanche™ portfolio to meet our customers’ needs with new technologies and ever-advancing solutions. Bakery developers have enjoyed our newest Avalanche™ MB launches and we look forward to what’s coming next!

Trial our latest products here, or reach out with any questions about Avalanche™ and our development process!

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