Introducing Ready-to-Eat Color Ingredients

Ready-to-Eat Ingredients Support FSMA Compliance

The Food Safety Modernization Act that we have discussed previously has far-reaching implications for many brands. One aspect of this law is the requirement to reduce the risk of listeria contamination and other microbiological risks with documented “kill steps”.

Consumer Concerns Around
Food Safety are Rising
More than 20% of consumers are now more concerned about transparency of the production chain than they were two years ago.

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Brands can respond to these concerns by ensuring compliance with FSMA and FDA guidance to limit consumer risk as much as possible.

One way to do this is to utilize ready-to-eat, FSMA-compliant ingredients whenever possible. If ready-to-eat ingredients are not available, then brands and manufacturers are responsible for additional processing of food and beverage products to confirm that pathogens and microbiological risks are addressed and minimized or eliminated.

Sensient’s Ready-to-Eat Color Solutions

Ensuring that as many Sensient color ingredients as possible are compliant with FSMA guidance enables us to support our customers witheasy-to-implement solutions that are both “Ready-to-Eat” and ready-to-use without additional processing or associated labor.

As a facet of our commitment to top-tier service, Sensient is committed to offering a full rainbow of RTE color solutions for our customers.

Enhanced thermal processing and other safety techniques help ensure that Sensient is able to offer our customers the whole rainbow of ready-to-eat colors. Not all food colors are susceptible to microbial risks but for any that are of concern, Sensient has reduction steps where possible in our process for validation. This includes analysis of both synthetic and natural color solutions, since FSMA applies to all ingredients and products in the US market, not just those that are certified or exempt from certification. Look for this logo to indicate that your Sensient color solution is Ready-to-Eat.

Because of their frequent use in ready-to-eat snack seasonings and other applications where a heat step may not be common after the color is added, Sensient has placed a priority on optimizing Microfine™ production processes to offer these natural color solutions with a FSMA-compliant designation.

Through strategic investments in process improvements and risk evaluation, some of Sensient’s most popular RTE color solutions now include:

Sensient is here to help.

You can sample these and other RTE color solutions here, or learn more about the RTE program and Sensient’s commitment to food safety by reaching out to our team of experts for a private consultation.


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