Two New Solutions to Replace Titanium Dioxide

Uncertainty about the Acceptability of Titanium Dioxide
Since Dunkin’ Brands removed titanium dioxide from their powdered donuts after being pressured by the activist group ‘As You Sow’, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of requests for titanium-free alternatives across many applications. Historically, the sugar and gum confectionary market has been the leading user of titanium dioxide, but even this market has begun to shy away from the ingredient. In the past few years, there has been a decline in the percentage of new launches containing TiO2, according to data from Mintel. In Europe, we have witnessed increased regulatory scrutiny of titanium dioxide. For example, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) submitted a proposal to European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) requesting the classification of TiO2 be changed to a 1A or B carcinogen. Conversely, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) completed its evaluation of titanium dioxide recently, declaring no indication of health concerns for consumers. This type of activity clearly leaves food manufacturers feeling uncertain about the future of TiO2.


Big conversion announcements like Dunkin’s and global regulatory articles about food risks often heighten consumers’ wariness of ingredients not readily recognized. In our world of instant and shared communication, media can strongly influence the public’s perception. Companies like Dunkin’ Brands, reluctant to engage in any sort of public debate, reformulate to not only ensure investor confidence but maintain consumer satisfaction.

NEW Next Generation: Whiter and Brighter Color Solutions
In the rapidly evolving food color market, it is critical to keep a pulse on what lies ahead. Sensient’s R&D team created our first generation opacity agent, Avalanche™, long before Dunkin’s TiO2 removal announcement. For the past several years, Avalanche has been the sole viable alternative on the market for titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate. However, in some applications the performance was not quite equal to titanium.

I am excited to announce our next generation Avalanche™ Xtra that delivers key technical advances in addition to cleaner labeling. Two new versions offer brighter, whiter alternatives to titanium dioxide and address a growing need in the marketplace.

Our new solution’s name, “Xtra” not only represents its improved delivery of a whiter and brighter shade but frequently a better cost-in-use than its predecessor. In addition, Avalanche Xtra is classified as a color additive in contrast to the classification of our first generation as a food additive. Our next generation color system provides label-friendly advantages.

Innovating for the Future
Avalanche™ Xtra demonstrates our commitment to providing advanced solutions to food and beverage manufacturers, so brands can satisfy consumers without compromising on their products’ appearances.

But our R&D team has not stopped there; we are aggressively working towards the development of our final solution of the Avalanche line—a titanium-free, high-water activity solution.

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