Certasure™ Screening: Pesticides

Ensuring the Safety and Authenticity of Food Colors from Natural Sources

While botanically sourced ingredients like natural food colors add an inherent level of complexity to food safety controls, they enable manufacturers to respond to consumer desire for clean and simple ingredients. However, today’s consumers seek even greater transparency from food and beverage companies.

“Natural” and “pesticide-free” are two of the top four characteristics consumers
use to describe “healthy” food. (Mintel 2016)

Food manufacturers can rely on Sensient’s Certasure™ program to ensure their natural colors meet all pesticide requirements set by the FDA.

The Structure of Certasure™

Developed in partnership with the Committee on Standards for Natural Colors (led by Dr. James E. Simon) in 2015, Certasure™ is a comprehensive certification program for colors from plant sources to ensure that they meet all safety and authenticity requirements offering full brand protection for our customers.

Natural color manufacturers and suppliers are directed by the FDA to test raw botanical materials for natural food colors “to the best of their ability”. At Sensient, food safety is one of our core values, so our safety protocols are prioritized to ensure we are delivering natural color solutions of the highest quality in terms of safety requirements. A natural color solution from Sensient should never cause a product to be recalled for exceeding specified levels of items like pesticides or heavy metals, because we test every batch of botanicals for the following:




Heavy Metals


Microbiological Contamination




Unauthorized Solvents

Build Consumers’ Trust through Natural Ingredients like Colors with High Standards

Our pesticide screening process is a necessary component of our commitment to guarantee safe natural color solutions. Leading brands can rely on the safety promise of Sensient’s Certasure™ program while innovating naturally and colorfully.

We encourage manufacturers to always inquire about the safety protocols taken to ensure their natural ingredients are authentic and we hope our competitors are performing similar testing.

When you see the Certasure™ shield on shipping containers of our natural color solutions, you can be absolutely certain that it was tested under the most rigorous food safety standards.

If you have questions about our natural food colors or our pesticide screening process, feel free to schedule a consultation.

Brighten your innovation with safe and quality natural color solutions from Sensient, request any shade here!

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