Sensient Spirulina Receives Positive Ruling from Health Canada

Growing Canada’s Natural Color Portfolio

Closing the gap between synthetic FD&C colors and those from natural sources is a key strategic priority for all of us at Sensient. We are committed to providing solutions that enable companies to meet consumer expectation without compromising to food and beverage manufacturers who are converting products from synthetic to natural color or developing new products using natural colors.

As of October 14, 2016, Health Canada issued a letter of “no objection” for Spirulina Extracts from Sensient that impart blue color. Spirulina Extract is now recognized as a composite food ingredient that imparts color in unstandardized foods. The “no objection” opinion is an important development because it adds a key new option to the portfolio of natural colors allowed in Canada. It is especially valuable in applications such as ice cream, frostings, yogurt, beverage mixes, and confections. Now food manufacturers have added flexibility in achieving custom blues, greens, purples, and browns.


Sensient Spirulina Advantages

  1. Both regular and high eV Sensient spirulina versions comply with Health Canada’s regulatory guidelines for foods.
  2. Both regular and high eV Sensient spirulina versions are composite food ingredients.
  3. Unique, bright blue and green shades.
  4. Available in MicrofineTM form, which is ideal for many applications.
  5. Covered by Sensient’s CertasureTM food safety and supply chain security program.



Spirulina is a valuable addition to the palette of colors utilized by food formulators, especially since one of our extracts incudes the industry’s highest pigment version. Canadian food manufacturers are now able to achieve a wide array of blue, green and caramel-free brown color shades.

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