Bringing Color to Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Opportunities in the Liquor Aisle
Consumer interest in RTD cocktails and similar canned and bottled alcoholic drinks is surging this year. Dollar sales of pre-mixed cocktails and coolers are up a whopping 54.4% compared to a year ago (IRI Q2 2020). If 2019 was the year of seltzers, then 2020 is the year of ready-to-drink cocktails!

Consumers of other alcoholic beverages are turning to RTD cocktails as a new, refreshing, fun format for both at-home and on-premises consumption.


22% of spirit-drinkers are interested in bottled/canned mocktails

(Mintel 2020)


The trend towards “indulgence in moderation” has been folded into the larger Affordable Indulgence scenario as consumers rebound from the global lockdown and feel the impact of recessionary economic conditions. Consumers are looking for new experiences and ways they can treat themselves at home without breaking the bank. Ready-to-drink cocktails are the perfect solution in trying times.

drinking_imageBottled and canned cocktails enable adventurous foodies to easily bring the bar home for a unique experience. Color is often a key factor, especially when consumers are sharing their lives with friends on social media. Premium cocktails are known for their stunning visual appeal. At-home consumption needs to live up to the same sort of ideal.

Flavor is a key purchase driver in the alcoholic beverage space, with over three quarters of consumers giving it priority (Mintel 2019). According to Mintel, these are the top five flavor interests for spirits:


Stand Out on the Shelf
With 56% of consumers preferring to browse before purchasing spirits (Mintel 2019), bright color can help a product stand out and catch the eye of a thirsty shopper.

Learn how you can create beautiful, vibrant, delicious RTD cocktails and colorful seltzers in this on-demand webinar:


Get Started on Your Next New Release
If you’re ready to start formulating your next pre-mixed drink, request a sample of any of the shades shown in the video! If you have questions we didn’t get to, start a conversation here—my team and I are always happy to help troubleshoot and find colorful solutions for creative projects!

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