Advanced Natural Color Solutions for Cheese Slurry Applications

Replacing Synthetic Dyes in Cheese Snacks

For snack manufacturers who spray dry cheese powders onto their snacks like chips, puffs, or popcorn, a water soluble dye has been the go-to solution to bring flavor offerings to life. Fast-forward to today, product developers are reformulating and launching new snack offerings to appeal to the 71% of the general population concerned about artificial colors in their daily grab-and-go snacks. Sales have also steadily increased for topical seasonings in salty snacks, creating a huge opportunity for snack manufacturers looking to go natural.

Importance of a Product Free-From Artificial Color

to the General Population



Source: Natural Marketing Institute

To respond, brands have started converting to and launching with natural color to deliver clean-label products with strong visual and flavor appeal. With recent advancements in natural color technology and sourcing, there isn’t any reason for brands to compromise on target shade when formulating with color from fruit and vegetable juices.

Meeting the Demands for Today’s Consumers

As snacks continuously replace meals for consumers in daily transit, NPD continues to play a critical part in this category. Because of the growing consumer demand for clean-label snacking options, we began working on a new natural solution to replace synthetic dyes. I am happy to introduce the newest addition to our line of Advanced Emulsion Technologies (AET): AET Cheezem.

We call it “Cheezem” for its ability to bring highly targeted and precise shades of various cheese flavors to life.

Our NEW solution offers several advantages including:


precision shade


Highly consistent
and customized
shade offerings


Clean label


Easier /
Simpler Use

The AET technology combines multiple emulsions into a single, stable color system. It eliminates the need for multiple slurry mix components and solves any issues related to individual component incompatibility, paprika oxidation, and off-notes from beta carotenes. AET Cheezem was originally created to simulate water soluble dyes that are mixed into cheese slurries for snacks, but is certainly applicable to the following categories.



If you have any questions or projects where you need some assistance, please set up a consultation or reach out to me directly.

Additionally, you can always request a sample of our AET Cheezem by referencing it in the open information field of the request form here.

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