New Approaches to Coloring Savory Boxed and Packet Mixes

Color is important
in savory dishes.

Visual differentiation between a hollandaise sauce and a gravy can help consumers anticipate taste and adds to the overall experience.

Color improves flavor perception by +15% in food and beverage products.

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Savory boxed and packet mixes are staples of many North American homes and are rising in popularity for convenience-seeking shoppers. Much like sweet baking mixes, savory mixes require developers to consider multiple stages of the product when formulating with color.

Tips for Using Color in Savory Mixes

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    Tips for Using Color in Savory Mixes

    1. Avoid Specking

    Incomplete color incorporation due to solubility issues can create an unappealing visual for consumers as they cook or eat at home. Using colors that mitigate incorporation challenges can help avoid specking and create a consistent, attractive appearance for the dish.

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    2. Use Bold Colors for Bold Flavors

    Because color influences flavor perception, research shows that if a product is marketed on a bold flavor such as spice or richness, the color should visually support that claim to enhance the consumer experience. Choose colors that match visual expectations to avoid consumer disappointment.

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    3. Color Multiple Stages

    Developers should ensure that color is fully incorporated at every stage, from the powder mix to the hydrated sauce or base. Finally, noodle staining is often an important aspect of the product experience, so ensuring the color experience meets consumer expectations is key.

Sample Natural Colors for Dry Mixes

Natural Colors for Packet Mixes for Sauces, Noodles, and Meals

Plant-Based Sausage Gravy Mix

Sensient’s Sienna™ fruit juice enables developers to achieve rich savory brown shades without caramel coloring for applications like plant-based gravy mixes.

Sample Caramel-Free Natural Browns


Smoked Cheddar
Mac n Cheese

Paprika and annatto create delicious cheesy orange sauces and boxed mixes. Every batch of botanical raw materials is carefully inspected and tested under Sensient’s Certasure™ food safety program.

Sample Natural Oranges Here


Green Curry Sauce Mix

Sensient’s green Microfine™ solutions include blends of natural blues like spirulina or vegetable juice and natural yellows for applications like a green curry sauce packet.

Sample Natural Greens for Dry Mixes


Hollandaise Mix

Sensient’s Microfine™ portfolio includes several yellow options, including those based on turmeric and beta carotene, that enable developers to achieve the perfect yellow shade for a hollandaise sauce mix.

Sample Natural Yellows Here


Tzatziki Sauce Mix

To create bright, clean white sauce mixes without titanium dioxide, developers can use Sensient’s Avalanche™ portfolio of clean label whitening solutions.

Sample Avalanche™ Here


Hot n Spicy Plant-Based Ramen Packet

Sensient’s Blazing Red Microfine™ has been developed for brands seeking cost-effective, bold red hues for the spiciest flavor profiles with clean ingredient labeling.

Sample Blazing Red Microfine™ Here


Caribbean Jerk
Marinade Mix

For darker red hues like a Caribbean jerk marinade packet mix, blends of red Microfine™ solutions like Blazing Red™ and brown hues like Sienna™ create rich, delicious visuals.

Sample Microfine™ Solutions Here


Gluten Free Cream
of Chicken Soup Mix

The flour typically used in Cream of Chicken soups adds opacity. Adding Sensient’s Avalanche™ maintains the opacity expected of this product while meeting gluten-free labeling requirements.

Sample Avalanche™ Here


Creating delicious savory dry mixes for sauces, marinades, soups, noodles, and more is possible with nature’s rainbow.

Let Sensient’s team help you unleash the power of nature’s true colors in your next project!

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