Advanced Technology Improves Color Incorporation and Performance

Microfine™ Technology
Solves Formulation Challenges

For years, Sensient’s Microfine™ technology has been simplifying complex development for brands in multiple segments.

Phase Applicability Solutions


Standard water-soluble colors are incompatible with oil-based applications. The Microfine™ technology bridges this gap to provide vibrant natural colors across the whole rainbow that tackle issues like specking, bleeding, and reduced vibrancy.

Plating-Grade Solutions


Microfine™ products fully coat dry powders without the use of high shear blending or spray drying for vibrant particle plating. Without this technology, a standard powder color solution would appear as salt-and-pepper specking throughout the powder application.

Microfine™ Dispersions: Easier Than Ever

The next evolution of Microfine is the introduction of dispersions into Sensient’s global color portfolio.

Microfine™ Dispersions further improve ease-of-use for customers in plant production.

A dispersion is the suspension of insoluble color particles in a variety of liquid systems.

Microfine™ Dispersions make it easier and faster for color to be mixed into applications like ice cream bases, confections, and fat-based coatings and icings.


The rainbow was already possible with Microfine™, now that rainbow is even more effortless to implement than ever before.


In this liquid format, Microfine™ Dispersions have all the benefits of Microfine™ as well as the simplicity of adding a liquid product in production compared to a powder.

Less mixing is required, and these colors can be incorporated fully without specialty plant equipment and without dust concerns, reducing clean up.

Microfine™ Beats “Micronized” Market Alternatives

Although micronized colors in the market may perform better than standard powder colors, Microfine still leads the industry in overall color performance.

Standard Powder Color


Micronized Color


Microfine™ Color

Micronized powders have a smaller particle size overall but present a wide range of actual particle sizes within the product.

Sensient’s proprietary Microfine™ technology maintains a strict particle size distribution within the powder color to provide more color intensity per kilogram. This improvement lowers the cost-in-use of color for our customers and increases color vibrancy in the finished good.

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