Natural Food Colors for Sweet Baked Goods

Ingredient Renovation in indulgent Categories

As consumers’ purchasing behavior continues to shift towards “better-for-you” alternatives, innovation opportunities present themselves across all categories. Cakes and cupcakes are the perfect vehicle for “permissible indulgence”.

As reduced portion size offerings becoming the norm, consumers expect rich, adventurous flavor profiles and all-natural ingredients for their snackable, sweet moment.

In fact, 30% of desserts launched in the past five years promote a natural ingredient claim (Mintel 2019).


Visual Appeal Drives Initial Purchases

In Sensient’s large-scale consumer research study, brighter, more vibrant color outscored muted/low-colored products and lifted purchase intent by 5%. Preference for visually bold products is due to a couple of notions. First, brighter color was associated with more flavor in Sensient’s research.

Secondly, today’s consumers are seeking products in unique colors, patterns, etc. to share across their social platforms. There are over 3 million Instagram posts with the hashtag #cakesofinstragram showing off the beautiful design work of pastry chefs, at home bakers, in-store bakery creations, and packaged cakes. Natural food color can not only cater to modern demands for natural ingredients, but also can increase overall flavor perception and potentially purchase intent.


Did you know natural colors provide more hue options than synthetic colors? While the broad shade range is certainly a benefit, there are some unique challenges to formulating with natural colors, specifically heat stability for applications like cupcakes and cakes where there is a bake process. Fortunately, the industry offers a full crayon box of natural colors for baked goods with unique innovations that have addressed some major gaps due to heat-stability.


Brighten your bakery innovation with a sample of our natural food colors today-select your hue here!

If you are uncertain about a natural color sample or would like to discuss strategies for natural colors for a specific shade, my team and I would love to talk. Please set up a consultation with us here.

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