New and Improved Titanium Dioxide Replacements

Brands Need Clean Label White Options

From the European ban of titanium dioxide in 2022 to potential bans in multiple US states in 2023, titanium dioxide is under fire from almost all sides. Consumer advocacy groups and legal challenges continue to mount, despite a lack of scientific evidence to support any claims of health risks from the use of this ingredient in food and beverages.

The FDA and Health Canada have indicated that they do not intend to ban titanium dioxide without concrete scientific evidence to support risk claims, but many North American brands are proactively seeking clean label whitening and opacifying alternatives to appeal to concerned consumers anyway.


Sensient is and has always been on the side of science. Without evidence of adverse health impacts, we continue to believe titanium dioxide is safe for human and pet consumption at GRAS levels. However, we recognize a market need for clean label white solutions and we are here to help!


What Clean Label White Options Are Available Today?

Titanium dioxide is a highly effective, relatively low-cost, extremely stable mineral-based colorant. There is no “silver bullet” single replacement for titanium dioxide across applications, so tailored solutions are needed. Sensient’s Avalanche™ portfolio has been in development for almost a decade in anticipation of this need.

The Avalanche™ portfolio of over 40 solutions to date is organized into five pillars based on the processing conditions of end applications:

avalanche fusion xtra
Avalanche™ Fusion Xtra is comprised of starch-based systems that provide best cost-in-use.

Processing Conditions:

Low Heat and Low Water Activity


Panned Confections, Topical Coatings, Compound Coatings, Frostings and Icings

avalanche fusion xtra
Avalanche™ MB solutions are mineral-based systems that are extrusion-stable.

Processing Conditions:

Mid to High Heat and Extrusion,
Acidic Environment


Plant-Based Meat Analogues, Sauces, Gravies, Extruded Pet, Extruded Cereal, Plant-Based Cheese, Hard Candy, Bakery Fillings, Custards

Avalanche™ Ultra solutions are powder opacifying color systems for high water activity.

Processing Conditions:

High Water Activity


Drink Mixes, Dry Coffee Creamers, RTD Mixers, RTD Beverages, Dairy Beverages

Avalanche™ Nebula is a line of liquid cloud systems for high water activity applications.

Processing Conditions:

High Water Activity


Beverage Concentrates, Syrups, RTD beverages, Dairy Beverages, Mayonnaises

Avalanche™ Helio solutions are specialty color systems that are stable in very high heat processes.

Processing Conditions:

Very High Heat, High Water Activity


Plant-Based Meat Analogues, Plant-Based Egg Analogues, Icings and Glazes, Puddings and Fillings, Cream-Based Canned Soup, Cheese Dip


What’s New for Titanium Dioxide Replacement This Year?

We have added several new items to the Avalanche™ MB line! These solutions offer clean label whitening and opacity with a new mineral base from options previously available. This exciting extension is designed to reduce usage rates of Avalanche™ in finished goods and decrease an impact on pH shifting, as well as improve overall whitening and opacifying performance.

Here are some specific improvements we’ve seen in applications compared to existing Avalanche™ options:


If you’ve never tried Avalanche™ in your applications, there’s never been a better time to dive in! Even if you’ve tried some Avalanche™ products before, it’s worth another look: These additions and other recent developments may be the clean label white fix you need.

The harshest processing conditions remain a challenge to overcome for clean label white and opacity. Applications with high water activity and high heat, such as retort, are still an area of focus where improvements are continually being evaluated. Our global R&D team remains hard at work to add new solutions, technologies, and sources every year to reduce cost-in-use for our customers and improve performance in food, beverage, and pet applications.

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