The Impact of Seed-to-Shelf: Expanding Graduate Education

The overall purpose of Sensient’s agronomy program is to improve cost-in-use for our customers and we approach that in a variety of ways. One key component of the Seed-to-Shelf program is agricultural research and development, particularly focusing on optimizing key color crops.

Our internal R&D team is constantly working to develop more pest-resistant, highly concentrated botanicals to create cost savings for customers using natural colors in their packaged food and beverage products. We also partner with institutions and researchers all over the world, from Europe to North America to Asia. This research investigates topics like:








One partnership we’re particularly excited to share is a graduate research program at the University of Padjadjaran in Indonesia to study and further develop natural color agronomy. This investment in the future of natural colors will contribute meaningfully to the world of color from botanicals and we’re excited to see what these enthusiastic young scientists discover through their studies.

Learn more about a graduate research
program supported by Sensient in this video:


Long-term partnerships and investments through our Seed-to-Shelf program ensure that we can create a lasting community impact and develop optimized botanical color sources working with scientists around the world. Empowering and expanding graduate research supports this mission.

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