The Impact of Seed-to-Shelf: Local School Adoption

Advantages of Agronomy
Our agronomy program is constantly expanding to new regions, new technologies, and new botanicals. Today, the range of color crops that we are working with includes:

*Although not all natural color sources are permitted in some regions for food and beverage products, they are popular in other regions of the world. As the world’s largest global color provider, we seek to optimize botanicals in all regions.

At Sensient, it’s important for us to be engaged across the entire natural color value chain. From seed technology and farming to extraction and eventually final products, the seed-to-shelf strategy we employ allows us to optimize the botanically sourced natural colors we offer our customers. The program has several key goals:

Seed Breeding & Genetics:
Proprietary color crops with genetic advantages for size, color yield, and durability

Agricultural R&D:
Innovative farming practices and cutting-edge technology to maximize production

Seed Production:
Uniform, high quality, and reliable planting material for better output

Global Growing Partners:
Sustainable and socially responsible sourcing of botanicals

Social Responsibility
We’ve previously discussed the importance of seed selection and optimized natural color pigments, but the Seed-to-Shelf program goes beyond botanical optimization. It’s important to us that we conduct business in an ethical manner, and we seek to work with suppliers who share our values. Our agronomy program builds lasting partnerships with our suppliers and local communities around the world.

One such partnership focuses on the adoption of a local school near one of our annatto farms. This ongoing community outreach enables us to invest in our future scientists by enabling the education of the children of annatto farm workers.

Learn more about Sensient’s adoption of a local school in Southeast Asia in this video:

By creating these lasting strategic partnerships with our suppliers through Seed-to-Shelf vertical integration, we can make a greater impact on communities and collaborate with growers to sustainably produce ingredients that meet our strict quality and safety requirements. This also creates a traceable, transparent, and secure supply chain for our natural color sources.

If you’re interested in learning more about the global supply chain, Sensient’s vertical integration, or our social responsibility efforts, please reach out to me!

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