The Impact of Seed-to-Shelf: Women Empowerment

At Sensient, we are proud of our commitment to anti-discrimination practices from our hiring standards, to our Employee Code of Conduct, to our supplier partnerships, all the way up to our board of directors. We were named a “2020 Women on Boards Winning Company” for the seventh year in a row and we take this priority seriously at every level.

One way we seek to empower women is through our global agronomy program, and a perfect example of this is the partnership we have with a female farm owner in Southeast Asia. She was raised on a remote island in her country, became a landowner, and worked to establish a business where she hires and trains other women in the community.


Now a proud producer of Sensient’s Butterfly Pea Flower, she is able to offer her all-female staff reliable, dignified employment. They learn agricultural skills with a little friendly competition, as well as handicraft work, such as woven baskets that can be used to harvest the bright blue petals and later sold to generate additional income for their family.

Learn more about Sensient’s partnership with a woman-owned farm in this video:


As we’ve said before, it’s possible to have a socially responsible agronomy program without vertical integration, but our long-term, loyal partnerships at every level from Seed to Shelf ensure that we can create a greater community impact. We empower women around the world from botanicals to boardrooms.

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