Consumables: Radiant Pink Grapefruit Paloma RTD Collagen Cocktail

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Trend in Focus: Sense of the Intense
Hungry for adventure, consumers turn to food as a source of excitement, seeking out products that playfully immerse them into intensely bold experiences.


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of consumers agree that premade cocktails can be just as good as made-to-order cocktails
(Mintel 2021)
Beauty drinks is a $2 billion global category and growing
(IMARC Market Research Company)
of respondents preferred a high-color beverage over a colorless option with the same flavor profile because the low color version looked less flavorful and more “bland”
(Sensient Consumer Research 2017)


Radiant Pink Grapefruit Paloma RTD Collagen Cocktail
Sip, refresh, and glow—you can have it all with this ready-to-drink, all-natural cocktail made with real citrus extracts, Vitamin C, color from botanicals, and vegan collagen known to firm and boost the overall appearance of your skin. Quenchable beauty—inside and out!


Featured Sensient Ingredients in this Formulation:

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