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Trend in Focus: Enriched Meaning
Consumers are being mindful with their purchasing power and buying products that propel betterment.


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of pet owners prefer colorful pet food products to be monochrome options because they consider them to have a superior nutritional profile and be more flavorful.
(Sensient Consumer Research 2017)
of US pet owners are interested in more seasonal pet treats than are currently available.
(Mintel 2021)
of pet owners say that “Made in the USA” claims have the greatest influence on their purchase decisions.
(Mintel 2021)


Made in the USA: Pumpkin Spice
Pet Snackers

Introducing Pet Snackers! Pet Snackers are slow baked pet treats made right here in the USA with the finest homegrown ingredients, packed with drool-worthy pumpkin flavor and wellness-boosting turmeric extract, the perfect way to start your pet’s day. Each Pet Snacker is all-natural and does not contain corn, yeast, sugar, salt, soy, artificial colors or flavors. Barkingly delicious and nutritious!

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