Consumables: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Flavored Snack Crackers

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Trend in Focus: Back to the Past
Yearning for security and familiarity, consumers search for products that enable them to emotionally escape to simpler times full of comfort, joy, and childhood nostalgia.


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of US consumers with children in the household enjoy sharing with their kids things that they enjoyed at their age
(Mintel 2021)
of consumers preferred boldly colored snack crackers compared to a low-color alternative in the same flavor
(Sensient Consumer Research 2017)
of consumers enjoy things that remind them of their childhood, spanning multiple generations
(Mintel 2021)


Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Flavored Snack Crackers
Grilled cheese flavored snack crackers are just not complete without tomato soup. That’s why this snack cracker duo combines one of our favorite combinations in one delicious pack. These crackers taste like creamy buttermilk tomato basil and bold, buttery cheddar cheese. Made without all of the artificial stuff!

Featured Sensient Ingredients in this Formulation:

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