Consumables: Natural Red for Spicy Kimchi-Flavored Noodle Cup

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Trend in Focus: Culinary Inclusion
To champion inclusion, consumers are navigating the food and beverage landscape in search of products that reflect and celebrate diverse backgrounds.


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of North American consumers consider “flavor” a top factor in purchasing ready-made meals
(Innova 2020)
of consumers are looking for intense, bold flavors in ready-made meals
(Innova 2020)
Bold color improves flavor perception by an average +15% across categories
(Sensient Consumer Research 2019)


Spicy Kimchi-Flavored Noodle Cup
Hot, Hot, Hot—this triple chili kimchi flavored instant noodle cup is daringly delicious, packed with a bold taste experience, and made from all-natural ingredients.


Customer Need:
A natural red color that performs like Red 40 and looks like a hot and spicy red shade at a low price point


Sensient Solution:

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