Consumables: Natural Yellow Emulsion for Sicilian Lemon Poppyseed Syrup for Cold Foam in Coffee Drinks

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Trend in Focus: Sense of the Intense
Hungry for adventure, consumers turn to food as a source of excitement, seeking out products that playfully immerse them into intensely bold experiences.


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of US consumers consider it important to share food experiences with family & friends
(Innova 2021)
Nearly 1/3 of US consumers think about natural ingredients when they indulge
(Innova 2021)
of consumers agree that seeking out new flavors is fun
(Mintel 2021)


Sicilian Lemon Poppyseed Syrup for Cold Foam in Coffee Drinks
Mornings deserve to be BRIGHT! Treat yourself to the perfect marriage in one cup—the taste of a warm buttery brown sugar lemon muffin collides perfectly with freshly brewed cold brew.


Customer Need:
A natural yellow food color solution that is stable in syrup/concentrate system to be used in both dairy and non-dairy milks


Sensient Solution:

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