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Trend in Focus: Back to the Past
To champion inclusion, consumers are navigating the food and beverage landscape in search of products that reflect and celebrate diverse backgrounds.


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of consumers consider “a feeling of comfort” important in consuming food and beverages
(Innova Consumer Trends Survey 2020)
of worldwide consumers say they’re now more attentive to natural ingredient claims than they were before the pandemic
(Innova Market Insights 2021)
of consumers report that they are concerned about the presence of caramel coloring in food and beverage products
(Sensient Consumer Research 2019)


Chocolate Pudding Flavored Frosting
A family-favorite flavor for all of your baked treats with the all-natural Chocolate Pudding Flavored Frosting. A nostalgic yet classic way to make cakes, cupcakes, or brownies more delicious. Ready-to-use frosting!


Customer Need:
A chocolate pudding shade match using natural colors, no artificial colors, no caramel colors permitted.


Sensient Solution:

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