Consumables: Bake-Stable Natural Pink Color for Pride Rainbow Cereal Cookie

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Trend in Focus: Sense of the Intense
Hungry for adventure, consumers turn to food as a source of excitement, seeking out products that playfully immerse them into intensely bold experiences.


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More than half of consumers agree that they want to be more adventurous with their food choices post-pandemic
(Innova 2021)
of parents agree that it’s important for kids to see their identity authentically represented
(Mintel 2022)
Bright color lifted purchase intent for cookies +9% in sensory testing
(Sensient Consumer Research 2019)


LTO Pride Rainbow Cereal Cookie
The Pride Rainbow Cereal Cookies feature pink sugar cookies that taste like cereal milk with rainbow cereal pieces. Unique, vibrant, and beautiful cookies, just like YOU!


Customer Need:
A pink food color from natural plant or botanical sources that withstands baking temperatures of 350°


Sensient Solution:

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