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Trend in Focus: Culinary Inclusion
To champion inclusion, consumers are navigating the food and beverage landscape in search of products that reflect and celebrate diverse backgrounds.


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Consumers showed statistically significant preference for brighter colored options in 86% of categories
(Sensient Consumer Research 2017)
of Canadian adults say that internationally inspired foods are a good way to experience other cultures
(Mintel 2019)
“Traditional South African Foods” has seen a +150% search increase on Pinterest in the last three years as consumers look for global inspiration
(Pinterest 2021)


Spicy Harissa Pita Chips
So flavorful, dips and spreads aren’t necessary! These pita chips are baked with the aromatic blend of spicy harissa natural flavor and seasoning. Made with all-natural ingredients, and no artificial flavors, colors, and cholesterol. Take your taste buds on a fiery adventure to explore an authentic taste profile of North Africa.

Featured Sensient Ingredients in this Formulation:

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