Consumables: Natural Pink Color with Plating Characteristics for Popcorn Seasoning

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Trend in Focus: Sense of the Intense
Hungry for adventure, consumers turn to food as a source of excitement, seeking out products that playfully immerse them into intensely bold experiences.


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1 in 4
consumers is influenced to purchase food and beverages by sensory excitement
(Innova Flavor Survey 2021)
Color has a significant impact on consumer flavor perception, increasing flavor scores by an average +15% across categories
(Sensient Consumer Research 2019)
of US consumers snack to treat themselves, with almost 3/4 of shoppers claiming to snack more than twice a day
(Mintel 2021)


Frosted Animal Cookie Popcorn
An unstoppable poppable sugar-cookie sprinkle flavored popcorn snack, made with real ingredients!


Customer Need:
A bright pink natural color to evenly coat the flavored seasoning mix that does not require high-shear blending


Sensient Solution:

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