Consumables: High-Performing Anthocyanin Color for Antioxidant Frozen Pop

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Trend in Focus: Wellbeing 360
Enduring the pains of inflation and with a heightened awareness of nutrition, consumers are implementing proactive and preventative measures to holistically address their physical, emotional, financial, and social wellbeing.


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of US adults planned to make health one of their top three life priorities (a higher percentage than ‘family life’, ‘finances’ or ‘career’)
(Mintel 2021)
1 in 4
consumers choose food and drinks with wellness claims
(Mintel 2022)
of US consumers would be motivated to try a frozen treat that is better for you
(Mintel 2021)


Antioxidant Frozen Pop
Made with natural sources of antioxidant fruit juices like blueberry, acai and strawberry juice, this frozen pop refreshes you with antioxidant goodness. No artificial sweeteners and flavors. Color from vegetable juice!


Customer Need:
Stable natural red or purple superfruit color that ensures shade consistency batch-to-batch at a low usage rate


Sensient Solution:

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