Global Consumer Trends Driving the Future of Innovation: Elevate the Everyday

While the demand for experience is not new, the role it plays in consumer decision-making is evolving. Brand meaning has shifted to “what can you do with me”.

Consumers are hungry for adventure, excitement, and in-person connection, looking to brands to provide them with powerful and emotional experiences. To respond, food innovation will need to elevate everyday or essential offerings, giving consumers differentiated, never-before-seen products as a form of sensory enticement.


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Girl holding two cups Active consumerism
A woman looking to the side Youniverse
A couple at the top of a rock overlooking the ocean Elevate the everyday
A force field over a blue circle Fluid expectations

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In order to respond to edgy, extreme, experience-seeking consumers, brands can create powerful multi-sensory experiences and products designed to stimulate and make a service or product memorable.




“Phone eats first!” “Do it for the ‘gram.” “Post it!” For those seeking and creating experiences in the digital space, shareable, visually attractive, and exciting products are a priority. In today’s hyper-connected online world, experiences for these consumers gain value if they are shareable or present the potential to go viral. These consumers are greatly influenced by others online and they seek shareable or aspirational products that they can show off to their virtual communities. This show & tell factor is what amplifies this consumers’ overall experience with a brand or product.




Lastly, taking consumers on a nostalgic journey is an excellent way to create not only a unique sensorial experience, but also an emotional one too. Brands can rejuvenate 90’s classics with a modern twist to surprise and delight consumers.


If you’re interested in elevating your everyday product offering to capture consumer attention, reach out to Sensient’s Ideation Team for brand-specific, exclusive new ideas here!

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