Consumables: Arctic Narwhal Ice Cream

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Trend in Focus: Elevate the Everyday
Consumers are hungry for adventure, excitement, and connection, leading them to seek out elevated options of everyday items.


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1 in 4
Nearly a quarter of US consumers agree that new flavors provide excitement during and after the pandemic
(Mintel 2020)
Consumers preferred brighter colors in 86% of food and beverage categories.
(Sensient Consumer Research 2019)
Two thirds of ice cream consumers agree that it’s important to check ingredient lists before buying frozen treats
(Mintel 2021)


Arctic Narwhal Ice Cream
Let the Arctic Narwhal’s sparkling silver tusk guide you into the deep arctic seas to explore the most magical taste of frosted cake naturally flavored ice cream with shimmering berry swirl and real berry bits. Dive into deliciousness!

Featured Sensient Ingredients in this Formulation:

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