Color Glossary

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a voluntary membership association of local, state and federal agencies concerned with developing uniform laws, regulations, standards, and definitions for the animal feed/pet food industries.
Algae meal
Color additive exempt from certification for use in chicken feed only. See FD&C Red #40.
Allura Red
See FD&C Red #40.
Alumina Hydrate
A white, odorless, tasteless, amorphous powder. Only substrate for food grade lakes in the USA.
A magenta-red, water-soluble, synthetic dye. Commonly utilitzed around the world, but not permitted for use in the USA (Other names: E123, CI Food Red 9, FD&C Red #2).
Color additive exempt from certification extracted from the seeds of the Bixa orellana L. shrub. Annatto color ranges from yellow to golden yellow shades depending on the application and product form.
Pigments responsible for the reds, blues, and purples commonly found in mature fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Permitted for use in many countries. In the USA, many anthocyanins are listed as a fruit or vegetable juice.
Avalanche™ Opacity Agent
A white opacity agent alternative to titanium dioxide or calcium carbonate.
A chemical class of colorants characterized by one or more azo bonds (-N=N-). Azo dyes allowed for use in food in the USA include: FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #5 and FD&C Yellow #6.
See Carmoisine.