Color Glossary

E Number
The official numbering system for various food additives established by the European Union.
Elderberry Juice
A common vegetable source of anthocyanins used for food use. Shades range from red to purple depending on the application and pH of the product.
A mixture of two immiscible liquids. In emulsions, one liquid is dispersed throughout another liquid, known as the continuous phase. Everyday examples of emulsions include: vinaigrettes, milk, and mayonnaise.
See Grape skin extract.
See FD&C Red #3
Exempt from certification
Exempt from certification are classes of colorants often referred to as “natural colors” by the industry. They are sourced from fruits, vegetables, animals, and minerals or are synthetic duplicates of naturally occurring compounds.
External D&C
Part of the nomenclature for a class of certified colorants in the USA. Colorants with this name are generally allowed for use in drugs and cosmetic applications for external use.