Color Glossary

Malt Extracts
Dark brown color resulting from the processing of barley malts. Malt extracts are similar in shade to caramel colors and have similar functionality in applications. In the USA, they are currently allowed for use as flavors. They are not permitted for use as colorants.
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil is a form of fat found naturally in palm and coconut oils. MCT Oil is often used as a PHO-free oil source for oil-dispersions by the color industry.
A phenomenon where a substance or object appears to change color based on the light source used.
Mica-based pearlescent pigment
A pearlescent pigment formed by depositing titanium dioxide onto mica pigment. As a mineral-based pigment, mica-based pearlescent pigments are extremely stable to heat and light. In the USA, use restrictions are outlined under 21 CFR, 73.350.
Pigment produced by a type of fungi that grows on steamed rice. The pigments are mostly alcohol-soluble and used to color mock crab, alcoholic beverages, and products with pH greater than 4. It is not permitted for use in the USA.
Mono blend
A term used to describe a dry dye blend specially processeed to eliminate the effect of flashing. See also: Flashing.
A visual effect created during color application on a product that gives the final appearance of irregular spots, streaks, blotches of different shades of color. For example, the artistic technique can be applied to panned confectionery pieces.