Eat With Your Eyes – Latest Trends in Food Colors

2021-04-19 13:25:40

Food color companies are an excellent source for latest trends in the food and beverage market. These days, food and beverage products play an increased role in emotional well-being, as consumers seek a moment of joy, optimism and relaxation during stressful times. For his article “Eat with your eyes: the world of food colors” published in Food Manufacture, Jerome Smail contacted leading food color companies, as food colors can help brands and consumers connect with these needs. Every color hue provokes different, yet distinct associations and feelings. For example, green and blue are often associated with health, vitality, relaxation and well-being. The association of orange with the beginning of a new day, a sense of renewal and a feeling of optimism is part of the reason why Sensient launched Rising Orange as the designated food and drink Color of the Year 2021.

Instagram is putting food and drink in the spotlight as an exciting look is the reason to post for many. Consumers expect vibrant shades, but naturally. The “clean and natural” trend drives color companies to come up with bright natural color options, like Sensient’s latest coloring food edition Wild Berry Purple with a unique red-purple twist. The plant-based movement is another key trend and a great opportunity for manufacturers to discover natural solutions that mimic meat products with attractive color shades.

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Eat With Your Eyes – Latest Trends in Food Colors
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