Dairy with Nadine

Whether it is processed cheese, desserts or yoghurt, dairy products often become more appealing to consumers with the right vibrant colour solution. Our knowledge of different processing conditions means we can work with you to achieve the best colour performance in your dairy product. Nadine and an expert team will help you to find the right solution.

The offering in dairy products is manifold, and the number of products alternative to milk-based concepts increase steadily. Accordingly, Sensient’s Colouring Solutions can apply to yoghurt, probiotics, soy-based products, as well as drink preparations – all of which with varying fat levels and pH. For example in yoghurts, several colouring concepts are possible: adding the Sensient’s Colouring Solutions after fermentation via fruit preparation or directly to the yoghurt base. The addition before fermentation is possible as well. For usage of certain colours the process parameters might need adjustment. Multi-layer systems can be achieved with non-migrating colour solutions.