Pet Food with Thomas

EU regulations stipulate colours added to pet foods must be of the same quality as those added to food for human consumption. Not to mention, consumers care deeply for their pets and pay particular attention to keeping them healthy and well with a balanced and nutritious diet. Products need to be appealing for both pets and humans alike – ideally with the best natural ingredients. Thomas Krahl heads Sensient’s Application Service Centre which includes full colour expertise in extrusion technologies. Thomas is an experienced food technologist who has worked for twenty years in both applications and R&D roles across the international food and beverage industry.

Sensient’s colouring solutions for the petfood industry can be applied to a wide range of products, e.g. snacks and treats for cats, dogs or small mammals, as well as main-meal products in wet and dry formats. Our knowledge on the different processing conditions including extrusion technologies means we can work with you to achieve the best colour performance or find just the right shade for your specific product need.