New Legislation Drives Conversion to Natural Colours in the Middle East

Significant changes took place late in 2016 impacting the labeling of colours in the Gulf region of the Middle East.

New regulation published by the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardisation Organisation states products containing the following colours will have to carry warnings about the possible “negative effects on activity and concentration in children”.


These changes are in line with previous legislation adopted in Europe and follow the continuing global demand for natural colours in replace of artificial.

These new labelling requirements of food colours will inevitable trigger brands to reformulate key products.

The key challenge will be to maintain the colour shade, brightness and overall appearance of legacy brand products.

Luckily, with the advanced technologies and manufacturing capabilities available today, there is no need to comprise on your products’ visual appearance when converting to natural colours in any food or drink application.

With our Application Service Centre and local Dubai office, we can readily assist any of your natural colour needs or projects. In addition, our colour portfolio consists of Halal certified options to meet specific regional requirements.

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