Naturally Eye-Catching Concepts Based on Sweet Dairy Trends

Get inspired by some naturally colourful concepts based
on current consumer trends:

Dairy concepts with reduced sugar content

Due to a more health-conscious consumer approach and governments around the world introducing local laws and regulations trying to limit the amount of sugar content in food and beverages, dairy products with low or reduced sugar content are gaining importance. In 2022, already 10% of European yoghurt, flavoured milk, and chilled dessert launches featured a no-added or low/reduced sugar claim.

Colour vibrancy has an important role and a great opportunity in products with low/lower sugar claims. The right colour not only supports the flavour profile visually but can also have a great impact on how sweet consumers perceive a product. Research has shown that food and beverages with stronger, more vibrant colours can look and taste sweeter than their less-coloured counterparts.

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46% of German consumers think that low sugar content is one of the most important attributes in spoonable yoghurt/fromage frais/yoghurt drink/fermented milk.
Mintel, 2022

Ofwhite Angle

Concept idea: Berrylicious chia pudding with low or
no-added-sugar raspberry and elderberry layer

Purple Border Top

Raspberry layer with
Pink Berry colouring food

Purple Border Top

Elderberry layer with
Wild Berry Purple

Berry Image

Dairy products positioned as a pre-or post-workout snack

As dairy products are often known for their high-quality protein content, they have the natural advantage to be positioned as a workout snack. Consumers looking for a healthy option while not wanting to compromise on indulgence can find all the desired attributes in these great alternatives. In addition to the standard content of protein, yoghurts, drinks, and puddings are more and more often fortified with additional protein or even vitamins and minerals to make them “workout suitable”.

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82% of Polish consumers think that yoghurts/yoghurt drinks are good pre/post-workout snacks.
Mintel, 2021

Green Angle

Concept idea: Going NUTS – high protein dessert
with pistachio and almond layers

Green Border Top

Almond layer with Fusion Hazelnut Brown from the Natural Brown range

Green Border Top

Pistachio shade with Cardea Pistachio, advanced clean label solution

Protein Dessert Image

Dairy concepts with new and unusual flavours

While fruity flavours, chocolate and vanilla are widely known and popular among many consumers, new, less common flavours have been gaining attention. More unusual concepts can elevate the everyday by bringing excitement to curious and experimental consumers. Upcoming concepts in the dairy segment often take flavour inspiration from other segments like baked goods, desserts, or alcoholic drinks. Cheesecake, crème brûlée, and fudge brownies, just to name a few examples of recent dairy product launches.

Brown Border

About half of the Spanish consumers like to try new flavours when it comes to dairy products like yoghurt or desserts.
Mintel, 2021

Brown Angle

Concept idea: Coffeeholic dessert with macchiato flavour

Brown Border Top

Dark muffin crumble with our palm-free Terra Brown solution

Brown Border Top

Mascarpone and cream layer with Fusion Hazelnut Brown,

Coffee Dessert Image

Dairy concepts with eye-catching colours

In the era of social media and online shopping, appearance and visual appeal have a key role in winning purchasers over. Consumers often use digital platforms to get inspired, while sharing pictures of their in-home and out-of-home food and drink experiences. “Colourful” being one of the main indicators of a product designed to be shared on social media according to US consumers (Mintel), shows the potential of colours in creating eye-catching and shareable looks. Bright looks with natural ingredients can help brands to stand out while complying with consumers growing demand for simple and recognizable ingredients. Colourful layering or whipped creams are great ways to create eye-catching everyday- or limited-edition offers.

Yellow Border

29% of Italian consumers are more likely to purchase food and drink after seeing them advertised on social media.
Mintel, 2021

Yellow Angle

Carnival in a cup- Naturally vibrant layered dessert

Yellow Border Top

Yellow fruit glazing and orange custard with Vanilla Yellow colouring foods

Yellow Border Top

Muffin crumble with Cardea Pistachio advanced clean label colouring solutions

Yellow Border Top

Oat flakes with Blue Microfine plating grade natural colour

Yellow Border Top

Wafer pieces with Raspberry Red from the Uberbeet range of high performing and heat stabilized beat solutions

Viberant Dessert Image

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