The Next Generation Yellow & Orange Colouring Foods

Over the past years, colouring foods have become increasingly popular due to the ongoing trend towards naturalness and consumers’ interest in clean labeling. Ease of reading and understanding ingredient lists can benefit product transparency, and creates additional trust from consumers for their favorite brands.

Globally, colouring foods have started to penetrate several categories, with the most significant expansion in Europe.

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In Europe, colouring foods are regarded as ingredients rather than additives and therefore, importantly, do not carry an E number classification. The EU Guidance Notes on Colouring Foods (established in 2013) has been a key driver for their permissibility and usage.

The Natural Food Colours Association (NATCOL) defines colouring foodstuff as “a food ingredient derived from a food source or characteristic ingredient of food processed in such a way so as not to selectively extract the pigments(s), even when used principally for colouration of the final application”.

Manufacturers increasingly seek to use colouring foods concentrated from foods themselves, as this approach enables their products to become even more aligned to the consumers’ perception of natural.

Building on these consumer and customer needs, Sensient has further extended its comprehensive Colouring Foods range with new yellow and orange shades. Combined with last year’s successful launches of orange, yellow, red and pink shades, as well as a natural brown, these new colours all naturally comply with the EU Guidance Notes.

By using careful concentration-techniques, and based on specially selected food sources, these new products offer improved application performance.

This next generation yellow and orange colouring foods bring vivid yellow and orange colour shades to an extensive range of sweet and savoury applications, including:

Confectionery products • Edible ices like ice creams and water ices • Desserts • Dairy products • Bakery products • Coatings • Sauces, seasonings • Soups • Snacks
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Our new colouring foods products offer bright and stable colouring solutions. Having been under vigorous and extensive testing prior, they are able to prove consistent, superior performance in the applications mentioned above.

They also complement our range of bright strawberry red shades when used in combination with red colouring food preparations like Black Carrot Juice Concentrate or Beetroot Juice.

Independent of whether you are interested in exploring our innovative yellow and orange colouring foods further, or are searching for bold, vivid red colouring foods instead – our team, with a true passion for colour combined with deep technical understanding, will gladly assist you.

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