Replacing Titanium Dioxide in High Water Activity Applications

Demand for Titanium Dioxide Alternatives Spurs Innovation

The demand for alternatives to titanium dioxide (E 171) has grown consistently over the years given the ongoing debate amongst diverse non-governmental organizations (NGO) across the globe. More recently, movements in France to suspend foods and food supplements containing E 171 by 1st of January 2020 are pushing the ingredient even further into the spotlight. These trends combined with the overall consumer push towards “naturalness”, and more specifically plant-based solutions, have inspired renovation across many consumer packaged food companies.

“The movement in France to suspend foods and food supplements containing E 171 by 1st of January 2020 affects renovation and innovation in food and beverage products.”

Avalanche Product Image

An Expanding Portfolio of Titanium Dioxide Alternatives

The launch of our global Avalanche™ brand addresses the need for more label-friendly, white alternatives to titanium dioxide. The launch of solutions for low and mid water activity applications, including panned confections, coating systems, frosted cereals and more were a leap in the existing natural colour technology landscape at the time. The ongoing trend towards innovation without the usage of titanium dioxide (TiO2) also prompts significant interest in our Avalanche MB range, as a stable alternative to TiO2 for mid water activity applications may be a challenge to find. When it comes to high water activity or even beverage applications, we are able to present our Avalanche Ultra solution that can also deliver opacity in prepared dry mixes:

Avalanche Ultra




Maintains cloud and opacity in prepared dry mixes while mitigating undesirable ringing effects


Remains suspended after hydration for improved opacity

kosher halal

Kosher and Halal

Now, we are extremely pleased to introduce the latest addition to our Avalanche portfolio with Avalanche Instant – a clouding agent especially designed for instant drink powders:

Avalanche Instant Logo
Powder Poured Into Cup V2
  • Clouding agent especially suitable for instant drink powders
  • High beverage stability
  • TiO2 free formulation
  • Enhanced beverage stabilty in comparison to TiO2
  • Free from weighting agents

Avalanche is our global portfolio of TiO2 alternatives designed for virtually any application and solutions are available and compliant across most regions in the world.

The evolution of our Avalanche™ portfolio reflects our commitment to one of the pillars of our natural colour strategy: Technology Innovation and NPD. If you have any questions for our R&D team or want to discuss a potential project, we welcome any conversations. You can setup a meeting with us directly here or request a sample of any of our Avalanche™ solutions to begin trial work immediately.

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