The Value of Color in Fishing Baits

2022-11-16 16:57:54

Fishing is a truly recreational and increasingly popular outdoor sport. This sportive activity has little to do with food coloring – at first sight. Yet some passionate anglers are convinced that the color of the fishing baits is a determinant factor between a good catch or no catch at all.

Carp fishing legend Gary Bayes comments in an interview in Carpology, “Changing the colour of the hookbait is well-documented. We produce Rainbow Pop-Ups, five different colours in one tub and they have been really well received, because it does make a difference. Some people tend to favour one colour more than the rest on our Rainbows but I’ve talked to a lot of anglers now that have had quick bites just by changing from one colour to another, so it isn’t only me that’s convinced.”

Fish supposedly are able to see and distinguish color, and according to Prof. Karl v. Frisch (1886-1982) different types of fish may have different color preferences. It is understandable then, that many are convinced that colored baits make a difference.

Manufacturers in the fish bait industry use colorants in products such as lures, boilies, and ground baits. According to the European Commission, however, the application or use of these additives differs depending on how the finished product is categorised. “Fishing baits designed to be scattered to attract fish to an area (often known as ground bait) are considered to fall within the definition of feed as covered by Regulation (EC) No 178/2002”. This means that these products should only contain approved additives and ingredients.

On the other hand, fish baits intended to be attached onto a fish hook whose purpose is therefore not to meet the nutritional needs of an animal should not be considered as animal feed.

At Sensient we are aware of the regulatory requirements and what needs to be considered when formulating products for the fish bait industry. Request a consultation with us today! We have a regulatory team ready to review each case and a team of technical experts to help you find the best solution for your reformulation or new product development.

The Value of Color in Fishing Baits
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