Veganuary campaign fueling interest in plant-based alternatives

2022-01-24 11:13:04

One of the trending food terms at the beginning of the year is usually “Veganuary”, which is an initiative to encourage people worldwide to go vegan for January and beyond. Since its inception in 2014, the movement has seen millions of participants from almost every country, having a significant impact on vegan businesses. Only in 2021 more than a half-million people signed up, more than 600 brands, restaurants, and supermarkets promoted the campaign, launching more than 825 new vegan products.

Data from Kantar suggests that each year ten times more people actually participate and try vegan in January than register through the Veganuary website. That would mean more than five million people took part in the 2021 campaign year.

While it would be logical to think that the campaign has a rather short than long-term impact, a six-month follow-up survey showed that 82% of participants cut meat and dairy by more than 50%, and 68% also reported health benefits including more energy, better skin, and improved mood.

As Chief Executive of Veganuary Ria Rehberg said: The Veganuary campaign and challenge have played a significant role in making veganism more mainstream and creating an environment in which major food companies are investing millions into their Veganuary themed promotions of vegan products and switching to more sustainable animal-free options.

You can find the full interview with Ria Rehberg here.

As the Veganuary 2022 campaign had recently kicked off we observe new vegan ranges being launched globally almost every day. Whether that’s a burger alternative, plant-based smoked salmon, or vegan fondue color has a great role in visually supporting the flavor profile and creating an authentic, appealing look. For example, Sensient research has shown that when it comes to plant-based burgers, consumers were 26% more likely to purchase the product when they saw only the juicy red burgers instead of the brown patties. This was further confirmed when they saw both options side-by-side: 63% preferred the more vibrant, red option.

Sensient is here to help you achieve the desired shade naturally in your plant-based meat, dairy, or any other application. If you have any questions about a specific project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our color experts! If you already have a shade in mind, feel free to request a sample.

Veganuary campaign fueling interest in plant-based alternatives
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