Trending Food Colors on Social Media

2020-12-03 12:12:48

How did we identify food trends before social media, one might ask. Today, social media plays a central role in creating awareness for new products that excite and various trends have erupted from it. “But the recipe to trend or make something go viral isn’t quite simple. Some have tried so hard while some just didn’t quite think about it yet they went viral overnight,” Marc Berman wrote in his blog on “Colors of Social Media Food Trends.”

From rainbow to black and purple to Matcha green tea, viral food trends have appealed to both eyes and mouth on social media. One of them is ube – a traditional Phillipine vegetable, called also purple yam. It gives a violet-purple color and is widely used for a variety of Philippine desserts. Often times, “color is what attracts people first, with taste second,” Marc Bergman adds, so it comes to no surprise that purple food has found its way into social media in foods outside of desserts.

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Enjoy reading more about food color trends at the link below.

Trending Food Colors on Social Media
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