Natural Colorings Enable Vibrant, Playful Buns for Plant-Based Burgers

2021-12-14 00:00:00

The Instagrammable, colorful Flower Burgers are making their way from Italy to the U.S., as the first U.S. location opened in spring 2022.

According to the website of QSR, the US-based leading magazine for the restaurant industry: “Flower Burger was founded by Italian entrepreneur Matteo Toto, who identified a gap in the market and sought to offer a more sustainable, plant-based option within the burger space. His mission for the brand was to create an inviting, inclusive experience that aligns plant-based cuisine with fun and enjoyment.“ The result is vibrant burger buns and playful, hippy-inspired look and feel throughout the stores.

The menu consists of six plant-based burgers containing a variety of all-natural ingredients imported from Italy: “The Jungle Burger features an oat and red bean patty along with oven-baked zucchini and a green bun colored with spirulina powder and turmeric. The Classic Chickpea and Spicy Chickpea feature chickpea patties with turmeric-colored yellow buns, and the Tangy Chickpea includes a chickpea patty with a Tartarella Sauce flavored with capers and pickles. The Cherry Bomb features a lentil-based patty with a pink bun, colored with cherry and beet root extract, and the signature Flower Burger includes a red kidney bean patty and violet bun colored with purple carrot extract.”

Flower Burger already has a dozen locations across Italy, France, London, and the Netherlands. This success story showcases the trend towards a broader color palette for buns and bread products. Traditionally, brands have shied away from using certain colors in bread products sticking to traditional hues of light to darker brown shades. However, cutting edge innovators now embrace a wider range of the rainbow to emphasize desired concepts. Using natural colors to bring these to life visually at their best unfortunately is often thought of at late notice in product development.

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Natural Colorings Enable Vibrant, Playful Buns for Plant-Based Burgers
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