Creative, Unique Releases Drive Sales for Both Novelties and Original Products

2021-01-29 12:23:21

Oreo is a brand that knows how to release exciting, unique, and creative limited-editions, and they do so regularly to enthusiastic consumer reception.

In his article “We asked: Why Does Oreo Keep Releasing New Flavors” Jonah Engel Bromwich mentioned that since celebrating the 100th anniversary with a Birthday Cake Oreo in 2012, Oreo has introduced 65 flavors with some flavors only being available in certain markets. And Novelty Oreos sell reasonably well, according to market research company Nielsen, sales of flavored, seasonal and other novelty Oreos have increased by over 12 percent in the last three years.

But the sales are not the point. “Novelty Oreos play a much purer role: They help drive consumers back to milk’s alleged favorite, the 108-year-old paterfamilias, the plain old Oreo.”, commented Justin Parnell, the senior director of the Oreo brand. The new flavors function as advertisements for the original. According to Nielsen, in the time that sales were up 12 percent for novelty flavors, sales of the classic were up almost 22 percent. “When we do it well, it drives our classic Oreo cookie, as well as the sales of the limited edition,” Mr. Parnell said, of novelty flavors.

When novelty flavor plays a role, at Sensient we know that the visual appearance supports the novelty flavor concept, as it creates an even more authentic limited edition. Limited editions, with novelty flavors and unique looks can drive your brands’ sales. And frequently the speed to market is essential for food and beverage manufacturers. Are you interested to learn how we can add visual excitement to your brand AND support you with quick launches to the market, without compromising on product performance and visual appearance? Request a Consultation here.

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Creative, Unique Releases Drive Sales for Both Novelties and Original Products
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