Global Consumer Trends Driving the Future of Innovation: Enriched Meaning

Globally, as consumers are either facing economic uncertainty and/or a mix of contradictory feelings of vulnerability and resilience from the pandemic, they are taking a step back and reevaluating what’s important to them. They are more mindful and political in their purchasing decisions, looking for products with tangible and measurable benefits, such as…

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This blog is part of an ongoing series diving into each of five major trends driving consumer interest right now.

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Girl holding two cups Active consumerism
A woman looking to the side Youniverse
A human hand holding a transparent earth with a big tree sprouting from it Enriched meaning
A couple at the top of a rock overlooking the ocean Elevate the everyday
A force field over a blue circle Fluid expectations

Get inspired with these examples of brands currently capturing consumer interest in products with enriched meaning.

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The first pillar of Enriched Meaning is Buydeology, which examines how consumers are affiliating themselves with brands and organizations that share in their beliefs and values. These shoppers often base their purchasing decisions on a company’s moral or ethical stance.




Beyond ourselves and our communities, consumers are seeking ways they can enrich the environment. “Planet in Focus” manifests shoppers’ continued commitment to products, brands, and manufacturing methods that help reduce food waste, offset carbon emissions, prevent pollution, and other activities that support sustainability.


If you would like to learn how you can enrich your brand’s next launch with additional meaning, reach out to Sensient for fresh ideas that connect to your brand identity.

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