The World Post-Lockdown: Scenarios and Action Steps for Food and Beverage Companies

Consumer Behaviour Is Shifting

When we predicted consumer and industry trends for 2020 at the beginning of last year, we didn’t plan for a global pandemic. Although these trends are emerging in a broad sense, the COVID-19 crisis has brought specific scenarios to the forefront. Savoury Divider

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(Suzy 2020)

Savoury Divider We already expected that consumers would rely more heavily on e-commerce—but for many, shopping online or participating in grocery delivery apps and services has become the norm, with 43% of UK consumers saying that they have been shopping more online since the coronavirus outbreak (Mintel 2020). 53 Quote Eu While healthy lifestyles have been growing in popularity and attention for some time now, the pandemic has thrust personal health into the spotlight. The outbreak has pushed more than half of the European consumers to add more nutrients that support the immune system to their diet (Mintel 2020). This global crisis will have a lasting impact on consumer behaviour. Brands will need to alter strategies to match new consumer priorities moving forward, from positioning to packaging to product development all the way through the supply chain.

What Happens Next?

As the world emerges from the “great lockdown” caused by the novel coronavirus, food manufacturers and retailers will need to respond to these new consumer attitudes and behaviours. A number of these changes will be permanent and fundamentally change the consumer product landscape. Circles Eu Watch this on-demand recorded webinar for details on ten scenarios we expect to see emerging from this crisis and how manufacturers and retailers can successfully navigate a changing market: webinar_img
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